CTRAX Blockchain-Based Mobile Application

Medini City, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, 5 April 2019: OK Blockchain Centre (OBC) announced a successful development and beta release of CTRAX, a decentralized mobile app wallet designed for cryptocurrencies exchanges. It is a steadfast platform for cryptocurrency exchanges, available in iOS and Android. CTRAX eliminates middleman in business transactions, a feature that comforts cost, efficiency as well as privacy.

This future trend of virtual currency trading application is aimed to overcome all risks involving the implementation system whilst welcoming constructive feedbacks to further strengthen its business needs. At present available features includes buy-sell and send-receive of cryptocurrencies, live market price and restore-backup of crypto wallet. At beta stage, CTRAX application takes in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Neo as tradable cryptocurrencies.

Primary highlight of CTRAX is its stringent peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based communication between buyer and seller. The feature eliminates broker ships and allow direct transaction between buyer and seller. In each transaction, both parties will share their selling list. Following any purchase request, CTRAX application will open a new private connection between buyer and seller. At limited window of 30 seconds, both parties must mutually initiate responds for the transaction to take place. Through private connection, interference from other users can be neglected, this security attribute is vital towards trustless transaction, the transaction that minimizes the amount of trust required from any single party in the system.

“In a conventional “centralized” practice, we trust a third party as the agent who warrants those two assets. In a “decentralized” practice however, the power of trust is placed in “public-key cryptography” and a “consensus mechanism” that sets to regulate the truth,” said Gen Matsuda, CEO of OBC. “CTRAX uses Thor’s Hammer blockchain to delimit a protocol that consents two parties to perform a “peer-to-peer” transaction across the Internet. The underlying blockchain system enables trust for both the transfer and ensuring authenticity coupled with currency legitimacy.”

In this cutting-edge era, many are intrigue in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. CTRAX application creates user experience with inclusiveness for beginners and expert cryptocurrencies users.

Advancing forward, OBC plans to collaborate with Initial Coin Offering (ICO) companies and recognized market operator (RMO) companies to benefit from this transparent exchange of cryptocurrencies. CTRAX application is the second product of Thor’s Hammer” blockchain by the OKWAVE group. CTRAX supports both the private blockchain and public blockchain network transactions. The scalability of CTRAX empower limitless potential in the world of cryptocurrencies.

For more information, visit: https://ctrax.okwave.global/**ENDS**


OBC is an IT development center responsible for the strategic advancement of the OKW group (Japan), based on blockchain technology. OBC is located at a Medini 9, Central Business District of Iskandar Puteri, Medini City.

OBC has a wide range of collaborations with Malaysia government, local universities and local influential companies. OBC aims to make Johor a blockchain development special zone. For more information, visit us at: https://www.okwave.global/

About OKWAVE Inc

OKWave Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1999, and begun operating since January 2000 with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. OKWave is Japan’s first and largest Q&A site, with the motivation to “establishing a mutual space that brings together physical and emotional well-being, through the creation of a platform to help each other and to contribute to the development of the world”. In June 2006, OKWAVE had became a public listed company on Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE), Okwave (3808:Nagoya Stock Exchange). Based on OKWAVE’s Know-How, its services diversifies in many areas, which includes:

No.1 FAQ system that is OKBIZ for FAQ / Helpdesk Support which covers major corporations and more than 500 Japanese government agencies

OKBIZ for Community Support as customer participation support community tool

OKBIZ for AI Agent as AI agent services

Latest, OKWAVE is also providing services in rewarding the member of society in the expansion of “Thanks Economy” platform using combined technologies of AI, Blockchain and Information security.

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